Okinawa: another Japan inside Japan

Here are five (5) reasons why you should travel to Okinawa:

1. ACCESSIBLE FROM PHILIPPINES. Okinawa is an island of Japan located in the southernmost part of the country.  It is approximately a 2-hour flight from Manila via Philippine Airlines, chartered by Rakso Travel.

2. AWE-INSPIRING OKINAWA. Historically, like Filipinos, Okinawans shared the same agony of being the site of ground warfare during WWII. Okinawa used to be an independent kingdom known as the Kingdom of the Ryukyus. This small empire prospered through trading with Japan, China, Korea, and Southeast Asia. In 1609, the territory was invaded by the Japanese and in 1879 the kingdom was abolished and named as the Okinawa Prefecture by Meiji Government. In 1945, Okinawa was one of the major battlefields of World War II. After the war, the island was occupied and governed by the United States. And in 1972, the island was reunited with Japan through a treaty between the country and the U.S. Despite its past, especially during the World War II (US – Japanese War), Okinawans were able to rise again, and be friends with the Americans. Okinawa holds a lot of US bases and camps among Asian countries. US Culture is really a part of Okinawa.

Did you know that Manzamo Cliff is a place of refuge which witnessed countless suicides due to the hostility experienced by the local people from the colonist during the Japanese invasion up to the end of World War II? With Okinawan’s pride, they preferred to die with dignity than fall in the hands of their enemies.

American Village

American Village

3. AFFORDABLE OKINAWA. Rakso Travel is the only travel agency in the Philippines that offers 3 charter flight tours to Okinawa via Philippine Airlines at a reasonable price of USD988 per person with the following tour dates, April 9, 10 and 13. The price is inclusive of round trip air ticket, hotel accommodations, daily tours, admissions, and meals per itinerary (tour offer).

4. AWESOME OKINAWANS. Okinawans are innately friendly, warm, and are known for their longevity.  With their low-fat, low-salt foods, such as whole fruits and vegetables, legumes, tofu, and seaweed, Okinawans live longer than most other people in the world.

Japanese Meal

Okinawan playing a traditional instrument at Okinawa World

5. AMAZING OKINAWA. Okinawa is a unique destination, with a different atmosphere from that of the entire Japan. Perhaps, it’s a new face of the nation’s tourism, with its ancient culture and nine world heritage sites: (1) Shurijo Castle, an impressive limestone castle located on top of hill of central Naha, (2) Sonohyan-utakiIshimon, a restored gateway shrine, (3) Tamaudun, a royal mausoleum built in 1501, (4) Shikinaen, (5) Nakijinjo Castle Remains, (6) Nakagusukujo Castle Remains, (7) Zakimijo Castle Remains, (8) Sefa-utaki, and (9) Katsurenjo Castle Remains. Aside from being multi-awarded UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Okinawa offers a lively contemporary music, magnificent performing artists, strong crafts tradition and an array of delightful culinary choices.

Shurijo Castle a UNESCO World Heritage Site

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The same write up published in Philippine Star last Feb. 17, 2017 at Travel & Tourism Section page D3. 

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