The Peculiar Statues of Brussels


Do you love to wander around and look for something unique in a place you visit? Well, Brussels is the right destination for you. Let us start with Manneken Pis, which is not hard to find, not because it is big or grand but because you will know that you are already in the street where the statue is, once you see a lot of tourist gathering around a fountain and their hands held high while taking pictures. The statue only measures 58 centimeters in person, so I wonder how many tourists are struck by how small the Manneken Pis is. Little did we know that Manneken Pis is not the only out-of-the-ordinary statue you can find in Brussels cause there's a lot of them that we can search for as we stroll around.

The 58 cm Brussels little peeing boy - Manneken Pis

Now let us list down the extraordinary statues that we can find. It’s easy to come across the Mannekin Pis though it’s not the same with the rest of the Brussels peeing statue family. Next is the female counterpart of the Manneken Pis, the Jeanneke Pis. This statue is a little harder to find than her brother as she is squatting behind a red fence, tracking her down and throwing a coin that is said to give way for good karma. Lastly and the youngest part of the Brussels peeing family - is Zinneke. The statue is the hardest one to find, you know why? People have often mistaken Zinneke as a usual dog. Yes, a dog! Most people look past him, thinking he is an actual dog peeing on a small post, minding his business as usual dogs do. Zinneke is the crowd’s favorite because there is no fence around him, and people can easily take a picture of him or even copy his popular peeing position. These three statues will make your Brussels experience exciting as you stroll around and discover them. They are evidence of how humorous Belgian's are, it shows with their work of art.

Counterpart of the Manneken Pis is his sister Jeanneke Pis

(Picture of Zinneke)

If searching the Brussels Peeing Family will delight your stroll, it will be more delightful to know that there are plenty of funny and peculiar statues around the city that we can discover. The statues depict the people of Brussels sense of humor. A great example of it is Madame Chapeau. At a glance, you will see an old lady coolly counting her money in an area in Brussels that is known for pick-pockets. A close look at it, you will come to recognize that the statue was a man dressed in old lady clothes the same as the famous Belgian popular play - Bossemans and Coppenolle.

(Picture of Madame Chapeau)

A visit to Brussels will not be complete if you will not go to Grand Place. Beautiful is an understatement to describe this Square with its magnificent architectural design anyone will be amazed! It is an exceptional illustration of how wealthy and successful this particular place could be. Grand Place is the niche of the Gothic City hall's Pantheon of National Heroes, where there is a Duke and other significant national statues that seem to be watching over the magnificent Grand Place. 

(Picture of Pantheon of National Heroes)

On the opposite side of Grand Place you will notice a pop of color for a statue connecting the grand arcades and Brussels café A La Mort Subite. The attractive statue is called La Cycliste, a cartoonish cat riding a bicycle wearing a pink tank top. The elegant cat cyclist resulted from a commission from the city of Brussels to Alain Séchas - a french contemporary artist.

(Picture of La Cycliste)

From all the previous statues we ran upon to this one is my fave - the Statue of Agent 15. As a tourist, this one is fascinating to see as it showcases a surreal story. The helpless agent seems to be tumbling down because he has his foot grabbed by a "canal urchin" locally known as vaartkapoen, appearing from a man-hole cover.

Statue of Agent 15 surprised and worried that he would fall flat into his face

Clearer view of the reason why Agent 15 would fall

            I guess you are familiar with the Smurfs. These world-famous blue-dwarves are eye-candy and welcoming in front of a gallery through the Smurf Statue is not in blue, you can still easily recognize it. The Smurf is on the top of a mushroom with its usual friendly smile.

Smurf Statue smiling and welcoming tourist at the gallery

Next is the Pigeon Soldier (Pigeon Soldat). This statue is devoted to the Belgian pigeon breeders who died during their service in the armed forces throughout World War I. These may not sound and look as appealing as the other statues discussed, although that's what I love about Belgian people as they don't want anything to be overlooked; this statue is notable as other statues.

(Picture of Pigeon Soldier)

There are a lot more peculiar statues we can find in Brussels. They are as fascinating as the other Statues below are the list:

·        The intriguing Statue of Two Women Embracing/Hugging each other in front of the Finance Tower in Brussels.

·        Around Grand place, you will find the Charles Buls Fountain. Bul with his dog joined by tourists even locals for a photo.

·        The Sacred Lion guarding the entrance of Parc de Bruxelles

·        The Berlin Wall - a piece of German history in Brussels in front of the European Parliament.

·        The Green Dog in Cinquantenaire Park is said to bring good fortune to those who rub their hands on his legs.

And you know what? The best part of visiting these attractions is it won´t cost you even a single penny.

For your next visit to Brussels, it's not only the brand of chocolates you should list down, but you should also have a checklist to see if you came across the peculiar statues of Brussels.

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