[PHILIPPINES TRAVEL ADVISORY] Philippine Airlines More Flights to Puerto Princesa and Butuan (as of Dec 4, 2020)

[UPDATE AS OF DEC 4, 2020]

Going to Puerto Princesa, Palawan, or Butuan? Philippine Airlines operates daily to/from Manila, 2x weekly between Cebu and Puerto Princesa, and 3x weekly between Cebu and Butuan.

Flights to Puerto Princesa from Manila or Cebu

Manila - Puerto Princesa PR2785 01:05 PM Daily
Puerto Princesa - Manila PR2786 03:05 PM
Cebu - Puerto Princesa PR2347 01:30 PM Every Tuesday & Friday
Puerto Princesa - Cebu PR2348 03:30 PM

Flights to Butuan from Manila or Cebu

Manila - Butuan PR2934 09:30 AM Daily
Butuan - Manila PR2935 11:35 AM
Cebu - Butuan PR2361 08:55 AM Every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
Butuan - Cebu PR2362 10:15 AM

Note: PAL flight schedules are highly subject to change for reasons beyond their control. PAL may have to cancel, add or adjust their planned flights, based on provincial entry restrictions as well as COVID testing/quarantine limitations at specific airports.

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Reference: Philippine Airlines ADV20-294 Dated December 4, 2020


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