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Thursday, June 18, 2020

[TRAVEL ADVISORY] Cebu Pacific Guest Contact Details as Primary Contact

In view of the government requirement for immediate contact tracing as part of biosecurity risk management measures, passenger contact information will now be set as the primary contact for all bookings, effective last June 04, 2020. 

Should any passengers be at risk of infection or contamination, or for any developments or changes with regards to their flights, Cebu Pacific requests for their passengers’ cooperation and compliance in providing such information. 

In the Guest Details Page, the field name "For schedule change advisory" was changed to “Send flight-related notifications to”. 

Kindly fill up this field with the accurate contact information (email address and contact number) of the actual passengers, failure to comply with this requirement may result to a Debit Memo or a suspension/termination of its access to the system. 

Rest assured that the only purpose of this requirement is to ensure that the airline will be able to contact their passengers. Cebu Pacific will continue to uphold data privacy and, more importantly, the relationship with their passengers. 

Reference: Cebu Pacific 

Your health and safety are always the top priority, so better follow health guidelines and do also proper prevention like thoroughly washing your hands or wearing a mask. 

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