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Thursday, January 17, 2019


Lithium-ion battery powered baggage which is so-called "Smart Baggage" are devices which include integrated lithium batteries, motors, power banks, GPS, GSM, Bluetooth, RFID or Wi-Fi technology.

If the passengers travel with the smart baggage, please follow the regulations below:

1. The watt-hour rating of the lithium battery exceeding 160 Watt-hour is forbidden for carriage.

2. Baggage where the lithium battery can be removed if it is:
a. Carry-on Baggage:
- All transmitting functions must comply with "Regulations Governing the Use of Electronic Devices" in inflight magazine.
- The baggage must meet carry-on baggage regulations.
b. Checked Baggage:
- Lithium-ion battery must be removed from smart baggage and bring it into the cabin. Then the baggage can be accepted as checked baggage.
- If the smart baggage does not meet the safety requirements, it will be refused at check-in.

3. Baggage where the lithium battery cannot be removed if it is:
a. with a lithium metal content no more than 0.3g or a Watt-hour rating no more than 2.7Wh: Permitted as carry-on or checked baggage (e.g. dry batteries, button cells)
b. with a lithium metal content exceeding 0.3g or a Watt-hour rating exceeding 2.7Wh: Not permitted for carriage (e.g. rechargeable lithium batteries, power banks)

Reference: EVA Airways Corporation-PH Manila DATED 08 JANUARY 2019

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