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Monday, August 13, 2018


Hands-free Service

Starting 25 July 2018, a new baggage offering will be available to customers travelling across the JQ (except NZ Regional), 3K and GK Network.
 ‘Hands-free’ is a discretionary service where passengers can check in their main carry-on item free of charge and travel ‘hands-free’ through the airport and on and off Jetstar aircraft, provided their total carry-on baggage weight does not exceed 7kgs. The customer can then board with only their personal item that fits under the seat.

Passenger Eligibility Criteria
 Total carry-on baggage weight does not exceed 7kgs
 Carry-on baggage does not exceed size or number of items limit
 Does not have a fare or product that increases their carry-on weight allowance from the standard 7kgs (i.e. FlexiBiz Bundle, 3kgs extra carry-on baggage (coming soon), Business Class Fares- as these products are designed to increase carry-on weight allowances)
 Not traveling on BL, JQ NZ Regional or a weight restricted flight

This service will be at the discretion of our check-in agents, provided that the passenger meets the eligibility criteria.
This service is not available at the gate or online and cannot be reserved in advance.
Customers will be asked to confirm if they require any personal items and that they remove any valuables from their main carry-on item.
Applicable Dangerous Goods questions will also be asked before the main carryon item is checked in.

For more information, visit or call 6519000

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